Coming Back

I was recently challenged to think about the music in my life and how it played and plays a role in my faith formation.  Since I love listening to music and often bring it into church, I found this to be interesting.  I thought I would share this…

Sitting in gridlock scanning the radio to find a perfect song I was engulfed with emotions as the Garth Brooks song, “When You Come Back To Me Again” played on the country station.  I had up to that moment felt lost and in the rush of the Holy Spirit working through my radio station I was at once found.  Or perhaps it is better to state: I may have ran away from home and in that moment I opened myself up to find the God I had ran from.  My story of walking astray isn’t as exciting as some but it is nonetheless about my falling away from my relationship.  At that point I had still been attending church every Sunday but my prayer life was non-existence.  I had taken time away from my degree and was working in the “real” world as I tried to figure life out.  What I wanted to be and who I wanted to become.    

I got to this point after a series of decisions.  A decision to do a semester in a French Immersion program before college.  A decision to change schools from my first to my third choice due to financial help.  A decision to not return to school after one year of a BA program I was not happy in.  A decision to work in a doctor’s office and on that morning a decision to take the back roads instead of the highway leading to the moment I was sitting in awful traffic.   About a month before I made a decision to finally pray about my future with God and asked God for clarity on what or who I was meant to be.  I had spent much of my life to that point proving I was more than a learning disability diagnosis label that I hadn’t spent more time truly figuring out what I loved.

As I sat there, being moved by more than the lyrics but the rhythm of the music and the ballad it was painting of my life I knew what God was calling me to be.  As I heard the calm and strong voice in my head proclaim that I was to follow the path to ministry my relationship with God was solidified.  I had found, I was found and I was never really lost.  God the light in my darkness and the guidepoint of my life had been and was working in me and through me so that I could come to the point of knowing in grand sureness that I was called into the work of ministry.  

As my work continues there are moments and points when secular music speaks to my soul and reminds me of my Spiritual connection with the Greater.  However, this song allowed God to reach me when I had tried to get to far away.  For me this song reminds me that there is no place that God’s light can’t reach.


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